Forest Home Chapel
Wednesday, July 17, 2019
United Methodist Church, Ithaca New York


Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m. with The Rev. Dr. Robin Blair

What Can You Find in Worship at Forest Home Chapel?

An introduction from our pastor

Why do people come to worship?

Rev. Robin: I wish there was a single reason folks come to the worship experience, but from talking with people, I have found there are so many, wonderful reasons!

I have learned that we are human, flawed, forgiven and spiritual beings. We like to form groups or tribes that speak to how to live a life with meaning that attends to more than our own self, our own needs or interests. There is a cosmic truth and we all would like to touch it if we could. In our Christian tradition, we call this cosmic truth, God. Worship is a way of honoring God, of course, seeking something of God’s truth in our lives as individuals and a community, but also a way to get a little bit closer to the truth and meaning for this life.

By gathering for worship we experience things, together. We pray, sing and listen, together. We greet one another in a declared moment of peace in a chaotic world. We form community, together, through worship and the shared experience of sitting near or next to someone; we can feel safe, feel that touch of the mystical, holy spirit power, of love even if it challenges us.

At Forest Home Chapel, all are welcome, which means we will not always agree on all fine points in musicals styles that honor God, or the message, or prayer, or mission. But we are committed to acts of worship in music, message, prayer, and mission, together in our sameness and our differences. It is beautiful to sense the presence of God in worship, in a community of people seeking their version of God’s love and presence in their own lives.

Q: What is the purpose of a sermon?

Rev Robin: So – good question. Really.

I hope it is inform and inspire, to lead us to the work of the Holy Spirit, to open our hearts and minds to the greatness of God, while we are so small but somehow, important to God’s purposes of love in the world. I also hope that folks learn something from a sermon and feel something through a sermon.  I know that phrase, “everyone hears a different sermon” is true, from speaking with people following worship. That is exactly how God works – with surprises. I hope, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God uses me for the messages that God needs the people to experience through the sermon. 



Elements of Sunday Worship at the Chapel


As it was for John and Charles Wesley, music is an integral part of worship for us at the Chapel. Please join in singing hymns with us, and take inspiration from anthems and special music throughout the service.

We Gather to Worship God

Our minister welcomes us. This is also a time to share important announcements.

We greet one another. One of our goals at the Chapel is to help people experience a sense of belonging. You are invited to welcome one another in the spirit of Christian family.

We are called to worship with a responsive reading.

We share our joys celebrations and concerns, and pray for all in need. We follow with The Lord’s Prayer.

A special moment is Time with Young Christians. Children of any age may come forward to share a simple lesson and prayer with the pastor.

We Encounter the Word

Members of the congregation take turns introducing passages and reading the Bible Lesson from Old and New Testaments. Although our “official” Bible is the New Revised Standard Version, readers often delight in presenting translations from other versions, to help us understand the meaning.

The minister presents the sermon. Our hope is that you will find sermons given at Forest Home Chapel to be intelligent and lively. Robin would love to hear your response to the sermon during coffee hour, or during the week.

We Celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion

(every first Sunday of the Month)

The United Methodist Church practices Open Communion. All are welcome to the table, regardless of creed. We hope that this holy sacrament will be an experience of healing and comfort for you, a time of true communion with God.

We Respond in Faith

We offer our gifts of money and pledges, and also special collections of food or other goods for others.

And finally, we receive the benediction for the week ahead.

Upcoming Events at the Chapel

Sundays are in red.


7: Lay Servant Carol Hockett preaching

14: Rev. Rebecca Dolch Installation

21: Rev. Rebecca Dolch preaching

28: Guest Rev. Taryn Mattice preaching