Forest Home Chapel
Sunday, July 25, 2021
United Methodist Church, Ithaca New York

Rebecca Dolch

The Sermons of The Reverend Rebecca W. Dolch

Preached at Forest Home Chapel


About Rebecca

Q: Who influenced your preaching?

Rebecca: My Dad was a preacher and he was a terrific storyteller. I remember drawing on the church bulletins as a little girl in church, but stopping when Dad told a story. As a young adult I was blessed to have a pastor who was a renowned New Testament scholar. He could make the Bible seem so alive and relevant, but in a way that had intellectual appeal. Last but not least, I watched late night comedy most of my life. Comedy is all about sound bites. Comedians are masters at condensing stories and words and facial expressions in ways that hold people’s attention and lift their spirits. Sermons need to do the same things!

Q: When did you start preaching?

Rebecca: I went to seminary in 1975 because I had a series of mystical dreams (seeing invisible things, talking with Jesus, magic sparks, etc.) and I wanted to know what they meant. The seminary in Rochester had a course in dreams as a means to meaning, but in order to take it, I had to take the first year of graduate school (A Masters of Divinity required three fulltime years of coursework.) I thought: “That might be fun!”As I took the courses I discovered a love for the Bible and pastoral care and preaching, and voila! a preacher was born.

Three years later, at age 27, I was ordained and became an associate pastor in Rochester, NY, then a college chaplain. My husband Bud and I were co-pastors in East Bloomfield for 5 years; then I became a District Superintendent of the Batavia District. Preaching in 54 churches and for conference events around the country offered amazing experiences. I preached at St. Paul’s UMC in Ithaca for 16 years, and retired early (for three years.) I realized I missed preaching and being with a congregation, so here I am again, enjoying this experience immensely. Forest Home Chapel has such intelligent and responsive people. It makes a difference to a preacher when the congregation shows up and participates wholeheartedly! 

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