Forest Home Chapel
Sunday, July 25, 2021
United Methodist Church, Ithaca New York

Robin Blair

The Sermons of The Reverend Dr. Robin Blair

Current Minister at Forest Home Chapel

About Robin:

Who influenced your preaching?

I have been a singer since I was a little girl – and church was the place where singing was always welcomed. This connection to God through music has been so important to me, it is a holy spirit thing. I never thought I would be a preacher, because I was the singer!
But when God gets a hold of you and speaks, so “you can run all you want but you cannot hide” at the saying goes. I found myself moving in the direction of pastoral ministry and preaching; as someone who was not shy about being in front of people with something I was inspired to say, preaching developed. I was blessed to have a few women in my church life who preached and this allowed me to slowly see that women were “allowed” in the pulpit in our tradition, my childhood experiences were always of male preachers; these men were mostly loving and kind – a couple of them wonderful preachers who pushed my holy spirit imagination. When the call to ministry was strongest, I was blessed to have a wonderful preacher who loved the art and spiritual giftedness of the sermon so much that I got brave and dared to speak about the call placed on my heart. I have been blessed to love the art and craft of sharing the messages of scripture in relevance to life today and also to trust the movement of the spirit in my speaking and responsibility of social justice as love from the pulpit.

What about your love of church keeps you centered in your faith?

The church is a theology all unto God in words and movement that amazes me. People gather to create community with love and hope, centered in a need to sense heaven and Earth as closer together than farther apart. We serve, we volunteer, we learn, we worship, we pray; all this overlaps as we seek meaning in this life through faith.  I also believe we try and we engage in the thing that is in short supply in these days of 21st century living. We build trust with God and one another.  
This is beautiful and keeps me centered in my faith. 

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